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“Professional, persuasive copywriting can be your best sales tool.”

"When I first went into advertising, I likened writing great copy to writing popular song lyrics: colorful prose, a swingy rhythm, and wording that “just clicked.” I never thought about whether it actually worked.

Great copy can be deceptively simple. It may use everyday language, sound casually conversational and get straight to the point without much fanfare. Admittedly, it’s hardly Pulitzer Prize winning stuff. But somehow, it speaks to its audience in such a way, that… wow! People decide to buy. Reserve. Call. Visit. Email. Whatever the “call to action” urges. Today.

Good copy gets results. It really is that simple. That’s why I decided to adopt the tagline, “The Write Words” in describing my business. There are so many ways to say one thing and so many words to choose from. The trick is in finding just the right wording that will quickly – and effectively -- communicate a product or service’s benefit(s) to its intended customers, while actively resisting the urge to turn a clever phrase or two. This is not always simple. But you always know when you’ve written great copy – the results are there to prove it."

Janet Parkhurst is an independent commercial copywriter with over twenty years’ experience. She has written copy and provided marketing strategy for dozens of clients spanning a wide range of industries. With expertise in both consumer and business-to-business writing, her work encompasses print ads, brochures, catalogs, direct mail pieces, sales letters, proposals, sell sheets, sales/training presentations or manuals, web site content, video scripts, speeches, radio spots, newsletters, press releases, personal profiles and more. A strong believer in sound marketing strategy (order her FREE marketing guidelines article), Janet considers herself to be a marketing professional first, then a copywriter. “Without some kind of marketing objective in place – and a plan to reach it – even the best words are useless,” she says.

Janet works as a copywriter/consultant for businesses of all sizes. She has helped individual start-ups plan a tiered marketing strategy designed to grow as their businesses grow and has consulted at large, established companies either “experiencing an identity crisis” or on the brink of a new product roll out. She recommends marketing tactics a company might take and develops the tools that will help it get where it wants to go.

Janet’s background combines advertising agency experience with corporate marketing environments – an ideal mix that empowers her with a dual perspective when it comes to finding effective solutions to marketing chaos.

She got her start at Arnold & Company (“marketing boot camp”) in Boston, Massachusetts, and a few years later, proceeded to Princess House, Inc., where she served as senior copywriter and also as editor for the corporate sales publication. Janet then worked for several, small advertising agencies and design firms before establishing her freelance copywriting business.

In addition to writing advertising copy and marketing materials, Janet has had feature articles published in local newspapers and occasionally contributes to regional “lifestyle” publications. To obtain Janet’s FREE copy kit or a
no-obligation cost estimate for your next copywriting project, call or email: Janet L. Parkhurst, Copywriter/Consultant: (508) 543-3106,

Telephone : 508.543.3106

Janet L. Parkhurst
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