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Now… Get the results you WANT from your communications.

You know what you want your marketing materials to do, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Or, you and your staff have great writing abilities but company downsizing has left you short handed. Maybe you are just starting that business you’ve always dreamed of, but don’t know how to market yourself. Under these conditions, creating effective communications can be remarkably difficult. But with the help of Janet Parkhurst, you can easily achieve the kind of results you want and need from your promotional efforts.

Identify Your Business Goals

  • Build a higher sales volume
  • Increase awareness of your company or product
  • Generate more inquiries from materials
  • Identify and reach customers more effectively
  • Establish a distinctive branding for your company/product/service
  • Launch a new product or service successfully
  • Create a strong, competitive stance in the marketplace
  • Restore a bruised image and regain the confidence of your customers and credibility within your industry.

Whatever your marketing challenges, Janet can help. Armed with a strong background in marketing and advertising, she has the tools to help you create impactful, rewarding solutions.



A sound marketing plan, much like a business plan, is key to assuring success in every endeavor a firm undertakes. When adhered to, a well-mapped marketing strategy helps you, incrementally, realize your goals and objectives. A good marketing strategy, while taking into account a company’s “history” or past performance, also anticipates the various scenarios a business cam find itself subject to: unprecedented growth, new product development and/or line extensions, increased (or decreased) customer demand, a changing marketplace, and more. Like a good insurance policy, it leaves you equipped to anticipate challenges and obstacles, and includes the means to design solutions you might employ to meet and solve them. With a sound marketing strategy, rather than a “fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants” approach, you have a reliable, “check point” plan in place, which empowers you to ACT rather than REACT. Your “success strategy” puts you in control and positions you to drive the company to whatever level you wish.


Once the marketing strategy has been developed, it makes sense to evaluate your current materials to ensure that they meet your new marketing criteria and, as the case may be, reflect your new image. This starts with a thorough analysis of all current advertising and marketing communications, beginning with “branding” and identity vehicles (company logo, including “corporate colors,” tagline, profile brochure, web site, cards/letterhead/fax covers, etc.) – and continuing on with product/service sales brochures, catalogs, direct mail packages, sales letters, collateral, and more. This “materials/communications review” should be done periodically – even when an established identity and marketing strategy are presently in place -- to ensure an accurate, consistent message and image.

Since the most effective image modification is accomplished gradually, rather than overnight, Janet believes in working with what is already there. Instead of recommending sweeping, expensive changes all at once, she helps clients determine which pieces can be adapted or slightly revised, as opposed to those that need to be newly created to accommodate a new direction. From there, Janet develops a new promotional/marketing materials plan based on priority and budget. Together, she and her clients then establish a timetable for its introduction and implementation.

Many clients request a materials Analysis & Planning independent of developing a marketing strategy. Janet assists in evaluating how effectively current materials work, and identifies materials that should be updated, combined, replaced or even eliminated.

Her expertise will help you ensure your message is consistent and timely, and that it conveys your company image in the best way possible.


While Janet is often contracted to contribute creative concepts to new product launches or line extensions, a large number of clients hires her to develop fresh approaches to their day-to-day communications. As a result, many marketing materials benefit from a new direction or focus and/or graphic presentation (see DESIGN, PRINT & PRODUCTION). Additionally, many companies have developed a new marketing strategy, and need copy written to reflect the new directives. Still other clients opt to add sales brochures or direct mail packages to their promotional strategy, refresh a lagging web site or inject a new “voice” into their communications to match a significantly revamped image. In all cases, Janet provides clear, concise, persuasive copywriting that brings the kind of results her clients have come to expect.

Writing projects have included:

  • Print ads
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Collateral
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Hand-outs or take-aways/leave-behinds
  • Web site content
  • Product guides
  • Sales sheets
  • Sales letters
  • Instruction manuals
  • Feature articles
  • Advertorials
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Case histories
  • Company and CEO profiles
  • Radio spots
  • Speeches
  • Audio visual scripts
  • Training video jacket copy/inserts text

Some companies prefer to write their own materials but ask for Janet’s recommendations and/or editing services. Often, she is called upon to proofread text-heavy materials. Whatever your advertising or marketing copywriting needs, Janet can turn them around in a professional, timely manner.


Although Janet’s background includes graphic design and print production, she prefers to focus on copywriting and consulting. However, clients needing design and printing in addition to copywriting can obtain those services easily and conveniently. Through working in partnership with nearby graphic design, print production and web design/development experts, Janet is able to provide “full-service” when needed. As a result, many a client project has been successfully produced from concept through completion. Click here for more information.

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