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Premium Auto Detailing6   (Web Site Content)

CitiStreet2  (Editing/Proofreading)
Citizen’s Bank3  (Advertorial)
MFS Mortgage Company3  (Print Ads, Brochures, Collateral)
Microfinancial/Leasecom3  (Advertorial, Company Brochure)

Upromise Investments (Brochure, Web Site)
Troiani Hair Studio6  (Editing/Proofreading)
Business Services
Belmont Springs3   (Advertorial)

Cogent Research4 (Trade Publication Ad, Direct Mail, Conference Materials))
Information Mapping, Inc. (Brochures, Collateral, Conference Materials, Case Studies)
Microfinancial/Leasecom3  (Advertorial, Company Brochure)
Pegasus (Print Ad) 
Thomson & Thomson  (Brochures, Newsletters, Web Site Content, Collateral, Conference Materials, Press Releases, Branding/Identity Consulting)
Construction/Architectural & Residential Design
Home Plan Designs  (Flyer/Mailer, Sales Letter, Web site content)
KVS Design (Brochure)

Haschem & Baaj Residential Developers/  
Rocky Knoll Estates (Brochure)
Suffolk Construction3 (Print Ad)
The Torrey Company6  (Company Brochure)

Worldwide Social Marketing/SCVH&H7
(Online Employee Newsletter)
Edgewood Elementary/Greater Boston Academy6  (Brochure)
Off The Wall Educational Games (Web Site Content)
S.C. Direct/Western Schools (Training Video Jacket Insert)
Appleseed’s  (Print Ads)
Cumberland Farms3   (Company Brochure)
Lowell Shoe1  (Print Ad)
Princess House, Inc. (Catalog, Company Brochure, Collateral, Mailer Inserts, Newsletters
Executive Speeches, Management Profiles, Radio)

Ross-Simons (Catalog)
Spoontiques  (Catalog)
Thorlo Socks  (B2B Catalog)
Crawford Press
Zoots3   (Company Brochure)
Beverly Healthcare3  (Print Ads)
Broadway Family Chiropractic5  (Web Site Content) 
Charles River Breeding Laboratories1  (Collateral)
Jackson Laboratories3  (Collateral)

Dr. Robert A. Spingler, D.M.D6 (Web Site Content)

Applebee’s3  (Company Brochure)
Buchanan’s Scotch Whiskey4  (Web Site Content)
Desmond O’Malley’s3 (Editing/Proofreading)
The Ground Round2  (Ad Concepts, Print Ads, Franchisee Booklets/Kits)
The Ninety-Nine Restaurant3   (Ad Concepts)
The Sheraton Sturbridge Inn & Conference Center1  (Newspaper Insert Feature Article)
The Sheraton Smithtown1  (Newsletters, Print Ads, Management Speeches)
The Wilmington Hilton1 (Newsletters)

Dynamic Metal Products  (Web Site Content)
Holt & Bugbee6  (B2B Catalog, Web Site Content)
JNL Industries 5   (Brochure)
Marox5  (Print Ad)
Oslow Switch5  (Print Ad)
Precision Resource5  (Web Site Content)
Valtech Aircraft Supply5  (Brochure)

Kidsave Program7 (Brochure)
Real Estate
Coldwell Banker, Sharon, MA  (Sales Letters, Executive Profile)

Next Level Realty 5 (Postcard)
Recruitment/Human Resources

AMR3  (Print Ads)
Applebee’s3  (Print Ads, Radio)
Belmont Springs3  (Print Ads, Advertorials, Radio)
Beverly Healthcare3  (Print Ads)
Citizen’s Bank3  (Print Ads, Collateral, Employee Programs)
Cumberland Farms3  (Print Ads, Brochures. Collateral)
Dedham Savings Bank3  (Print Ads)
Hazen Paper Company3  (Print Ads)
IDG3 (Print Ads, Collateral)
InterPay2 (Company Brochure, Radio)
Jackson Laboratories3  (Print Ads)
Microfinancial/Leasecom3  (Print Ads, Recruitment Programs)
The Ninety-Nine Restaurant 3 (Print Ads)
Princess House, Inc. (Print Ads)
Zoots3  (Print Ads, Brochures)
Beaver Woodworking (Branding/Identity, Marketing Consulting)

Mama Sama, Chocolatier6 (Website)
The Home Depot/BANTA  (Wholesale Catalog) 
Prime Directive  (Direct Mail Piece)
(Private, Crewed Charters)
Princess House, Inc.  (Mailer Inserts, Sales Contest/Promotional Brochures, Print Ads)
1 Arnold & Company, Boston, MA
2 Groppi Advertising Design, Plymouth, MA
3 Gustin Advertising, Franklin, MA
4 Leonardo Design
5 Signature Advertising, Cheshire, CT
6 Spectrumedia, N. Attleboro, MA
7 Worldways Social Marketing, Denver CO
  and Providence, RI


Telephone : 508.543.3106

Janet L. Parkhurst
| 23 Elm Street #3 Foxboro, MA 02035