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Hiring professional freelance copywriting is never easy – even for the most basic writing project. Just as you would never buy anything “sight unseen,” you would most likely want to sit down and talk with a writer, first, in order to learn more about his or her capabilities. Secondly, you would probably want to know if the two of you “click.” Thirdly, and most importantly, you would need to gain an understanding of how your prospective writer works.

The following questions are based on what I believe you would probably ask me, if we were talking together, in person, as well as questions I am routinely asked by prospective clients.

Q. What are your credentials and background?

A. With more than 20 years’ experience in the advertising and marketing industry, I have a solid knowledge of basic marketing principles and know how to write effective ad copy. I have worked in both small and large advertising agencies, including Arnold & Company in Boston, Massachusetts -- as well as within corporate marketing departments. Many firms have in-house creative shops where I have also enjoyed the opportunity to do outstanding creative work. In addition, I studied copywriting at local colleges, and graphic design at Rhode Island School of Design.

To round out my writing experience, I did journalistic work for small newspapers and regional magazines. And for several years, I served as editor for a corporate sales and marketing publication.

Q. Do you specialize in any particular industry?

A. No. Part of the experience of working as an independent commercial writer is the opportunity for constant learning. It is always fascinating to me to get into the “nuts and bolts” of a business or industry that is new to me. It can be challenging at times, but I find constant variety to be intellectually and professionally rewarding.

A partial list of industries I’ve written for includes: retail: (fashion, jewelry, giftware and home décor items) home décor, construction, hospitality and travel, dining/entertainment, healthcare, education, real estate, intellectual property protection, information management, recruitment, manufacturing/wholesale, and more.

Q. How will I know if you can handle writing for my industry?

A. Because I am an avid learner, I feel confident that I can perform in new industries quite competently. Most often, it is a matter of carefully researching my client’s materials and knowing what questions to ask. I would suggest you take a look at the Clients Page to get a better idea of the types of businesses I have written for. If you see something similar to your industry, go to the Work Page and browse through the writing samples you will find there. Or, feel free to call me and describe your company and the project(s) you may have in mind. I’ll be happy to send you samples that most closely reflect the capabilities you would be looking for.

Q. What types of assignments have you done?

A. I have written everything from short text for collateral pieces to strong sales copy for direct mailers, flyers and hand-outs, to informative text for product brochures and catalogs, to compelling headlines for “concept” print ads, to lengthy copy for sales letters and complex web sites, to short, quick quips for :30 and :60 radio spots. What’s more, I have composed newsletters, professional and corporate “profiles,” advertorials, executive speeches and CEO addresses in corporate magazines. I have been called upon to help with product launches and special branding projects, often involving the creation of positioning taglines, product names and more.

Q. What kinds of audiences do you write for?

A. I write for both consumer and business-to-business audiences.

Q. Why do you refer to yourself as a “marketing consultant” as well as copywriter?

A. I believe good copywriters are marketers, first. By that, I mean they need to have a thorough grasp on the fundamentals of marketing and be cognizant of the power behind a good marketing strategy. The best copy in the world won’t be effective if it is aimed at the wrong audience, carries an inappropriate tone for the company's or product’s image or fights with other pieces already produced.

Simply creating copy without considering all the elements that make up a product’s or service’s marketing strategy is akin to pricing an item disproportionately. Good copy results from sound marketing research and strategy.

Q. How much does it cost to hire you?

A. Cost depends on the project. After reviewing the assignment you have in mind, I will quote you a price, which I calculate based on my hourly rate, and my estimation of how long it will take me to complete it. I send clients a formal quotation for each project, so they always know “up front” what they can expect to pay.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. I require a 50% deposit of the quoted price and a signed confirmation (which I supply) outlining the specifics of the job and my client's expectations – including delivery. When the job is completed, I send out an invoice for the remaining 50%, which is due upon receipt.

Q. How long does it typically take you to complete a writing assignment?

A. Again, it really depends upon the project. I generally request two to three weeks for more complex assignments, and usually a week or less for more straightforward writing. I prefer to take my time since I also review, polish, edit, and rewrite until I am 110% pleased with the work. I find it helps to “distance” myself from the writing, so I put it aside for a couple of days. Then, with a fresh mind, I revisit my copy to make sure it meets all criteria and that I am still completely happy with each and every word.
I realize, however, that this amount of time may delay projects or inconvenience some clients, so I arrange to complete writing assignments according to my clients’ timetables. Ideally, I deliver copy ahead of time, so adjustments can be made, if necessary, without the pressure of too-tight deadlines.

Q. How do you handle requests for revisions?

A. Although most clients are very happy with the copy they receive from me, sometimes revisions are necessary. (By the way, revisions are included in my price.) Clients can request revisions to their copy for up to 30 days after completion of the job (30 days from the invoice date is a good guide). The only exceptions are requests that reflect a total change from the original direction of the assignment or the addition of lengthy, new information that was not included in the initial discussion of the project.

Q. How would I go about obtaining copywriting from you?

A. Call or email me with information about your company and the type of a project you are seeking help with. I will need to know the objective of the materials you would like created and whom you will be directing them toward. I will then ask you to send me a brochure, a catalog, or any other printed materials that describe your product or service. Next, I will call you with questions that, once answered, provide me with the details I’ll need to write your copy.

If you are within driving distance and want to meet in person, I am always happy to do that. After reviewing your project, I will be prepared to supply you with a quotation. There is never a charge for this initial consultation and, of course, you are under no obligation whatsoever to hire me.


Once you do decide to proceed with a project, I’ll go ahead and write the copy for you. I’ll make sure you receive it on or before your desired deadline and that you are thrilled with the job.

Remember, many businesses – from one-person start-ups to long-established corporations -- have found my services to be very effective in helping them achieve their communications goals. No job is too large – or too small.

I enjoy helping people succeed and would like to be a part of your success. So why not give me a try for your next brochure, ad, sales letter, press release or any other kind of writing you may need? Even if you are “all set” – that is, presently happy with a staff writer or an established outside source, just enjoy knowing there is reliable help out there, ready and willing to serve you, when the need arises.

Note: If you have a rush job, call me immediately at: (508) 543-3106. Again, you will not be charged for simply discussing the project and obtaining a quotation from me.

Telephone : 508.543.3106

Janet L. Parkhurst
| 23 Elm Street #3 Foxboro, MA 02035