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Writing effective advertising copy takes time, effort and focused concentration. Things you don’t always have – especially when you’re dealing with reduced staff, inexperience, expanding responsibilities and tighter-than-ever deadlines.

With over 20 years in advertising and marketing, Janet Parkhurst is an accomplished expert offering professional copywriting services and marketing consulting. Using proven copywriting techniques and the most persuasive language possible, she has successfully crafted winning print ads, direct mail pieces, sales letters, catalog copy, web site content, product/service brochures, collateral, press releases, employee communications, speeches, audiovisual scripts, radio spots and more for her clients.

Although her work serves a variety of industries, her objective is always the same: to create powerful communications that get results. So if increased sales, a larger customer base or a stronger presence in the marketplace are part of your business goals, let Janet help you achieve them with The Write Words.

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Persuasive Copywriting
that Gets RESULTS.

“Good copy gets results. It really is that simple. Yet, because there are so many ways to express a single thought, choosing the exact words to use can become a complex matter and, frankly -- a real chore for many. The challenge is in finding just the “right words” that will motivate prospects and customers to act, now. That’s good copy, and the premise behind my tagline, The Write Words.

So, whether you need help writing ad copy or putting together strong, concise marketing materials, call me. You’ll get the results you want -- every time."

Janet L. Parkhurst

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